Chanel Nails
Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Bergdorf Goodman, Picture Perfect / Rex USA, Vince Flores, Jason LaVeris/Getty Images , Time Inc Digital Studio (3)

Graphic designer turned Chanel nail artist Tom Bachik tends to the tips of celebrities all the time, which is why we wanted to find out his top manicure moments when we caught up with him this month. And some of the loveliest Hollywood ladies topped his list, including Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Lopez and Christina Ricci. "It's a natural look that's not natural at all," Bachik says of Beckham's nude Inattendu color by Chanel. He picked Jennifer Lopez's brown color (Particuliere by Chanel) for a different reason. "The dark neutral polish complements her outfit—and it is amazing with her skin tone." And as for Ricci's fruity Chanel hue Orange Fizz? "I was thinking young and summer with this shade," he says. "The nails really became a part of her outfit." For Bachik's expert techniques for nailing the perfect manicure, click ahead.