By Samantha Simon
Aug 05, 2014 @ 12:29 pm

Beck set his sights on a collaboration with Warby Parker for the release of his new all-star compilation album, Beck Song Reader. Featuring 20 exclusive tracks that were released only as sheet music compositions in the past, the impressive list of recording artists on the album boasts names such as Jack White, Jeff Tweedy, Fun., and Norah Jones.

“It amazes me to hear how these musicians have made the songs their own and in the process revealed that the interpretation is the living breathing soul of the piece,” Beck says. “These interpretations have made the book something new—something better."

To commemorate the album’s release, he teamed up with Warby Parker to reissue limited edition Carmichael frames in black cherry—a hue that combines the musician’s two favorite colors. Inspired by Beck’s sound and personal style, the glasses are now available online at and at Warby Parker stores—where you can also pick up a copy of the latest edition of the Song Reader book (available online at

And Beck's latest project isn't just about new music and frames—it's also for a good cause. Proceeds from both the glasses and album will go to 826 National, a nonprofit organization that helps students with expository and creative writing at eight locations in the United States. For each pair of glasses sold, a pair will also be donated to someone in need through Warby Parker’s Buy a Pair, Give a Pair program.

Also, find out how to find the right glasses for you now!