Marianne Mychaskiw
Mar 11, 2016 @ 1:00 pm

If you scroll through your Instagram feed as obsessively as we do, you may have noticed a recent trend of bloggers adding a few drops of serum to their Beautyblender sponge prior to buffing out their foundation, or sweeping it on solo over their bare skin. "This concept was the exact reason why the Beautyblender Pure, our white blender, was released a few years back," says Rea Ann Silva, makeup artist and creator of the wonder product. "When using your Beautyblender instead of fingers to apply serums, you get even, constant coverage, you use less product with better penetration, and it's cleaner. Using your fingers allows dirt to travel over your freshly-cleaned skin and leaves you more prone to breakouts."

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Some claim that the inclusion of a serum when blending out your foundation also creates a much smoother appearance, and we're sure the extra layer of skincare doesn't hurt, either. To try out the technique either over makeup or over clean skin, Silva recommends prepping your Beautyblender by first wetting it, the squeezing out the excess. "Find a serum that can work double-duty as a primer—I love the REN Skincare Instant Firming Beauty Shot ($54;," she tells us. Apply a few drops of serum directly onto the sponge, then use blotting and dabbing motions to work it into your skin.

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