By Alexis Bennett
Updated Jan 12, 2016 @ 1:15 pm
Beautyblender Cat Eye
Credit: Instagram/@beautyblender

Step away from the Scotch tape, and get ready to wing your eyeliner like a pro. Thanks to Beautyblender, there's a new makeup tool that will help you nail your next cat eye with precision and ease.

Meet the Liner Designer. This triangle shaped gadget's three sides offer different application techniques to help you instantly step up your wing game. The shortest side is curved, allowing you to create a classic subtle flick, while the longer straight edge enables you to effortlessly create an elongated slash. If you need assistance lining the bottom of the eye, the long curved part will get the job done.

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So how do you use the helpful device? After warming up the tool for 10-15 seconds with your hands, place one of the corners at the outer edge of your eye. The Beautyblender team explains that "the slightly tacky coating allows for the tool to adhere to the face to help keep it in place." Sounds pretty easy to us.

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What makes us even more excited to get our hands on the new tool is that it can also be used to perfect your lip liner. Not to mention, the convenient case it's housed in also comes equipped with a handy 5X magnified mirror and suction cup for fuss-free on-the-go application. Beautyblender Liner Designer will be available for $16 at Sephora stores nationwide and at this spring.

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