Beauty Shots - Lead
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A night of doing shot after shot at the bar doesn't exactly fare well for your skin and hair the morning after, Earth-shattering headache aside. Unless you're one of those lucky people who can bounce back quick after a bender, you often wake up to a dry-looking complexion, remnants of last night's cocktails in your layers, and the mother of all hangovers. Unlike that regrettable Patron shot you took before calling it a night, these "beauty shots" pack major benefits for your regimen, thanks to their concentrated formulas jam-packed with ingredients your hair and skin will want to drink in.

Ren's potent Instant Firming Beauty Shot ($54; is best used on its own, then chased with your favorite moisturizer, but concentrates like Cover FX Custom Infusion Drops ($48 each; or Dr. Dennis Gross Boosters ($58 for three; work fine solo or with a mixer. Try applying the serum of your choice over specific areas in need of extra hydration or radiance, or blend a few drops in with your favorite moisturizer. Whenever we need to take the edge off of a particularly-aggressive heat styling session, DryBar's Bay Breeze Hydrating Shots ($10 for one, $38 for four; are a quick fix that can be rinsed out in five minutes, and completely restore the moisture in your hair from root to tip. We'll raise a glass to that.