Benefit brow app
Credit: Courtesy

If, like us, the fear of over-plucking sometimes has you clenching your tweezers with sweaty palms, we have good news: A smart new facial recognition app, the Benefit Brow Genie, makes DIY'ing perfect arches totally doable by analyzing your features and then mapping out the most flattering brow shape for your face.

Here's how to navigate the three-step process: Upload a selfie taken in good lighting (make sure your hair is pulled back and your face is relaxed). Wait for the Brow Genie to create a "Brow Map" that plots where yours should start, arch and end. See a list of recommended products and techniques for keeping your brows under control.

Still not confident you can pull off the transformation your own? The Brow Genie will direct you to the nearest Benefit brow bar for a "drop-in-now" appointment to get waxed and shaped by a pro.