Beautiful Creatures Movie
Credit: Courtesy Photo

Beautiful Creatures is now open in theaters, and it’s a story that will have you focused just as much on the costuming as the romance at the center of the plot. Why? Because, while the film tells the love story between Lena (Alice Englert) and Ethan (Alden Ehrenreich), Emmy Rossum’s character Ridley Duchannes adds a stylish element to the dynamic—on purpose—with Victorian goth-like costumes created by costume designer Jeffrey Kurland. “A lot of who my character is, is her ability to manipulate people in the way she looks,” Rossum told at the New York premiere. “She dresses up and channels different old Hollywood movie stars like Marilyn Monroe in River of No Return or Rita Hayworth in Gilda. So, there are a lot of big moments that are carbon copies of the way the actresses looked in those films." And she loved it! "It was really fun to re-create. It was definitely very different than anything else I’ve ever played before,” Rossum said.

Plus, see Emmy Rossum's best looks ever!

— Judy Meepos