15 Beautiful Cabins That Will Make You Want to Ditch Your Apartment ASAP

cabin porn
Photo: Anka Lamprecht and Lukas Wezel

Warning: You're about to come down with a serious case of real estate envy!

When it comes to abodes, we'll pass on something fancy. Skip the marble-floored mansion and you can keep your penthouse, because our dream house is much more cozy than chichi.

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Co-founder of Vimeo, tech entrepreneur Zach Klein understands that cabin love. His appreciation of the cozy homes borders on worship. You'll become a convert too after paging through his new book, Cabin Porn: Inspiration for Your Quiet Place Somewhere (amazon.com, $19). Klein partnered with co-author Steven Leckart and photographer Noah Kalina to create a book filled with hundreds of examples of beautiful little cabins nestled deep in woods, at the base of mountains, and even perched in treetops among the birds. Get cozy, grab a cup of cocoa, and read on to check out 15 of the most beautiful cabins ever.

PHOTOS: 15 Spectacular Cabins That Will Make You Want to Move Into the Woods

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