Michael B Jordan
Credit: Mike Coppola / Getty

In an ideal world, all of our boyfriends would be Michael B. Jordan. Next to his charming personality and megawatt smile, the actor always looks nothing short of dapper, and his handsome red carpet getups constantly leave us swooning. In the real world, however, many of the guys in our life tend to think they're exempt from the art of grooming, so we caught up with Jordan at the launch of Axe's Gold Temptation line to get his sage advice for the men who want to live a little more like Mike.

"If guys don't wanna do it for themselves, they should know that women definitely appreciate men going the extra mile to keep themselves manicured and together," he tells "There are certain guys that go way, way too far with it, but you've gotta find a nice, happy medium between that and what you normally do." One grooming tip the star picked up? Never underestimate a good manicure. "Some guys think it's soft to care about your appearance and take care of yourself, but a manicure or pedicure every three to four weeks goes a long way. Just to keep things in check a little bit!"

Fragrance is another key item Jordan keeps in his arsenal—he stocks up on colognes by Jean Paul Gaultier, YSL, and John Varvatos, though he often prefers to blend his own signature scent. "I also wear Muslim fragrance oils. I love them because they last longer, and you can customize them by mixing and layering different scents," he says. "I'm from the East Coast and I'll sometimes make trips to Philly. There's a big Muslim influence out there, so I love getting fragrance oils when I visit." Though, his Fantastic Four character Johnny Storm (aka the Human Torch) has slightly different scent preferences. "I think the Human Torch would definitely be wearing Axe! He probably smells like adrenaline and charisma," he adds.