Bare Escentuals - Lead
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Where does the time go? We can't believe it's already been 20 years since we first got drawn in to Bare Escentuals's life-changing infomercial, and its famed foundation was able to swirl, tap, and buff its way into our hearts and makeup bags for two solid decades.

To celebrate its 20th birthday in an especially gorgeous way, the brand is launching a blinged-out version of the famed broad spectrum mineral foundation, which comes equipped with an ultra-soft kabuki brush and is packaged in a glittery pewter box. If you aren't familiar with the O.G. formula, now would be a pretty good time to get acquainted---as a pioneer in the mineral makeup category, founder Leslie Blodgett originally launched the brand with bath and body products, but later saw the need for a powder-based foundation that wouldn't clog pores, and was actually good for your skin.

With years in product development at Max Factor under her belt, Blodgett teamed up with then-investor John Hansen to create the now-iconic mineral powder foundation formula, and a TV appearance or 10 later, the rest is history.

Though the 2015 anniversary set falls about five years short of what would be considered a "silver anniversary," we think it wears the metallic hue just as well as we wear the classic formula. The decked out exterior is a conversation piece in itself, but we're also loving how the glamorous cap can actually double as a mirror if you're ever in a pinch. To boot, the unique kabuki brush allows for a seamless application and its inverted core cuts down on the mess typically made by working with most loose powders. Find the kit right now for $38 at