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Step aside, tampons as beauty blenders, this new trend is inspiring heated conversation in our office this morning: BARE-BUTT JEANS.

Don’t worry, that’s not what they’re actually called, but it’s an apt description. Vetements x Levis's latest collaboration markets jeans with zippers up each leg, down the front, and, yes, down the middle of the butt.

It easily outdoes Topshop’s clear-knee jeans and Re/Done’s provocative “High Rise Ass Rip” style. Not even Kylie Jenner has shown off a pair of jeans quite this bold—yet.

Seriously, your butt’s just out there.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never found myself wishing to casually expose my butt, or give it “breathing room,” but to each her own ...

Shop a pair of the scandalous multi-zipper jeans on mytheresa.com ($1,870).

Word to the wise: If you do choose to rock the trend, please be careful! These babies aren’t ideal for a crowded ride on the 6 train.