Here's Why Barbra Streisand Will Always Have Extra Long Nails

Barbra Streisand
Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Finally, Barbra Streisand has answered the question you’ve always wanted to ask her: Yes, her extremely long nails are real.

“My nails are real...and always have been,” Streisand shared, setting the record straight in an Instagram video over the weekend. The montage, set to music from one of legend’s live studio albums, is a greatest hits compilation of her nail looks throughout the years. Bab’s blood-red nails from the The Way We Were and her classic French tips from her Emotion album cover are a few of her most-famous manicures that made it into the clip.

It turns out that the origins of Streisand’s extra-long talons aren’t just a personal preference, but a teenage act of rebellion. “When my mother wanted me to work in the school system…and be a typist, I rebelled by growing my nails,” she shared. In fact, she’s so dedicated to her signature look that she wouldn’t completely get rid of them when a role called for it. “Even when I had to learn the guitar for A Star Is Born, I only had to cut them on one hand,” Streisand added.

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"To this day I wish I could type," Streisand says. But, who needs to be able to type 40 words per minute when you're a living legend?

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