By Anna Hecht
Updated Apr 24, 2016 @ 6:30 am
Credit: Bettmann Archive

Happy birthday to Barbra Streisand! Today, the iconic singer-turned-actress celebrates her 74th birthday. Since emerging on the Hollywood scene back in the '60s, the songstress has proven time and time again that she's the absolute best in the business.

Today, we're celebrating Streisand's ultra-successful, five-decade career by remembering her countless career milestones. For her film work, Streisand's received two Academy Awards and her music's earned her 10 Grammys. Not only that, but the "Queen of Divas," as she's often referred to, has won five Emmy Awards, one Daytime Emmy, eleven Golden Globes, and a Tony Award—just to name a few of her impressive accolades.

One thing's certain: The "Memory" singer deserves a restful retirement after her many years working in entertainment. Though, knowing the A-lister's dedication to her craft, we're guessing she still has a few tricks up her sleeve. For one, we can't wait to read Streisand's memoir, which is set for a 2017 release date, and get the inside scoop on her life in the limelight.