By Kelsey Glein
Oct 28, 2015 @ 4:00 pm

Rejoice, Barbie fans: The world's most famous doll now has her own exhibition. A showcase dedicated to Barbie opened today at Milan’s new MUDEC (Museo delle Culture) museum, and it's filled with plenty of nostalgia. Titled "Barbie: The Icon" and curated by Massimiliano Capella, the retrospective details the history and evolution of Barbara Millicent Robert, a.k.a. Barbie, the iconic doll designed by Ruth Handler in 1959.


The exhibit is organized into five sections for both adults and children, the first being "Who is Barbie?" that features one signature Barbie doll from each of the past seven decades. The other sections are: "Barbie is Fashion" (which showcases her close-knit relationship with fashion designers), "Barbie Family" (which includes the doll's family and friends), "Barbie Careers" (which displays the different professional roles she's taken), "Dolls of the World" (which includes the doll's many nationalities from around the globe), and "Queen, diva and celebrity. Barbie as a global icon" (highlights she has transformed into various heroines from over time).

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The exhibit is open now until Mar. 13, 2016. For more information visit