Plus, the actress tells InStyle how much she loves a throwback look.

By Christopher Luu and Samantha Sutton
Sep 29, 2020 @ 5:47 pm

She may be a proud member of Gen Z, but Barbie Ferreira isn't afraid to think outside of trends and look to other decades for outfit inspiration. This fearless approach to personal style comes through in H&M Studio's latest campaign, which stars Ferreira alongside fellow brand muses Veronika Heilbrunner, Celeste, Alton Mason, Young Emperors, and Mia Kong, showcasing a collaborative DIY take on the Refined Rebel. Encouraged to integrate her style into every look, Ferreira ended up incorporating bits of each of her characters into the one-of-a-kind collab, along with her adding her own playful twist.

″I've been lucky enough to have a lot of say on collaborating on my character's looks, so I’d definitely say [my outfits] are influenced by people I’ve seen or know or myself at different parts of my life," she told InStyle, speaking about the fashion tricks she's borrowed from her on-screen alter egos.

With roles in HBO's Divorce and Euphoria, as well as her latest film Unpregnant, Ferreira likely had a wide range inspiration to choose from when creating these looks. Mixed with her unique personal taste, the result was a blend of reality, super-stylized drama, and the actress' own attitude.

Barbie Ferreira HM
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″Refined Rebel is what I like to think I channel when I’m trying to be fancy,″ she said, speaking about what the campaign's name means to her. ″I love going against trends and experimenting. I’ve been learning to bring in sophistication as well, and it’s that beautiful balance.″

H&M notes that the campaign's DIY ethos came out of necessity, since the COVID-19 pandemic made traditional photoshoots impossible. So, the global fashion giant let its stable of muses do whatever came to mind in order to create the visuals.

″In keeping with H&M's strive for innovation, the H&M Studio team experimented with an exciting new campaign format for AW20. Adapted for today's climate, this new way of working gives our global cast the creative freedom to style, photograph, and express themselves in the comfort of their own space,″ Kattis Bahrke, head of creative marketing and communications at H&M, said. ″We hope the new collection and campaign encourages everyone to celebrate their style."

Though the Refined Rebel collection leans towards the '70s with glam glittery looks and louche, relaxed shapes, Ferreira often takes elements from the '60s, '80s, and '90s when putting together her own outfits — and she's not afraid to add each era's most infamous touchstones, like UGG.

″Unfortunately, I keep my clothes way after their expiration date. I frequently wear things I thrifted from high school and even younger," she said. "I think the oldest thing I own is a pair of yoga pants that I took from my mom (sorry!) and they're at least 10 years old. I sometimes wear them with Uggs to really transport me back, like an episode of Pen15.″

Plus, like most of the population, when she's not starring in a fashion campaign, Ferreira's relaxing and definitely not dressing up during quarantine. So, don't feel bad if you're not wearing disco-appropriate getups while you're social distancing and binging the actress' entire oeuvre.

″Being at home has generally inspired me to be even more comfortable," she said. "With work-related stuff, I always have to be either in costume or styled, so it's been really interesting to be able to be in cozy clothes for months."