By Jonathan Borge
Updated Jul 10, 2018 @ 11:45 am

The secret to lean, long, gloriously toned legs? Barbie feet!

Forget the gym, a radical diet, or an innocent touch of Photoshop, all you have to do to rack up the Instagram likes this summer is stand on your tippy toes.

Don’t believe us? Let us present the evidence. In June, Who What Wear brilliantly coined the term “Barbie feet” after noticing that, for months, the Kendalls and Kourtneys of the world haven’t stopped posting bikini-clad photos of themselves with a signature pose we’re definitely going to try this weekend.

The look—pointed toes with raised heels—is the exact same structure of the classic doll's plastic foot, which was designed to fit into her matching plastic pumps.

To try it, you literally just have to stand on your tippy-toes and pretend to wear stiletto heels. The more you arch your foot, the better you’ve nailed the look. They say that wearing sky-high shoes can boost confidence and improve posture, so why not pretend to do so for the ‘gram?

It’s important to remember that on Instagram, the world is your oyster. Which means that when it comes to hopping aboard the Barbie feet boat, feel free to set your own pace. Bloggers have tried the trend not only while standing, but also sitting down, straddling a floatie, resting on a yacht, and even while in an outdoor shower. If you’re tired, you can also try it with just one leg.

Here’s the thing. Anyone with a small dose of narcissism and a friend that moonlights as a "photographer" can give it a shot, but if you’re really going to nail Barbie feet, make sure you don’t leave one thing at home: that BDE.