By Isabel Jones
Apr 21, 2017 @ 5:45 pm

After months of luxuriating in a backwards baseball cap in various tropical locales, Barack Obama is ready to return to the political fore.

The former president’s first public appearance as a political figure commences Monday in Chicago: Obama will conduct a town hall-style meeting with University of Chicago students.

As happy as we are to be seeing Obama Stateside, we’re going to miss his adventure-seeking alter ego, Brobama.

There are just so many beautiful memories…

Hanging backstage with Mark Ruffalo and Danny DeVito

Bruce Glikas/Getty

Kiteboarding in the Caribbean (treat yo’ self, Barack!)

Jack Brockway/Getty

Welcoming his new post as Instagram Husband #1—on a yacht, no less


We’re feeling nostalgic already.

The Obamas may be on their way back to the real world, but we’re so glad they had a chance to unwind post-presidency.

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