Love is real. 


Just what your Friday (or January, or 2020, really) needed: Barack Obama's annual tear-inducing birthday message to Michelle.

On Friday, the former president shared a series of four photobooth-style pictures to wish his wife a happy 56th birthday, writing, "In every scene, you are my star, @MichelleObama! Happy birthday, baby!"

Every photo, of course, is so perfect that it's impossible to pick the best one. Is it Michelle's loving cradle of Barack's face? His peck on her cheek? His peace sign? Or the adorable hug?

Either way, we all win. Thank you, Barack Obama.

The two have been married since 1992, and last year, Michelle opened up about "rediscovering" her husband when daughters Sasha and Malia went off to college.

"We’ve rediscovered all these little pockets of time, just me and Barack, that for a couple decades have been filled with school events or sports practices," she told People. "We’re taking full advantage of this new normal, simply spending time with each other and remembering what brought us together in the first place."

"Sometimes I’ll get a glimpse of him and just go, ‘Hey you! Where have you been for 21 years?’" the former first lady added. "It’s been fun. The tough part, of course, is missing our girls. It’s an adjustment to see each other for a weekend here, a holiday break there, but the moments we do spend together feel extra special because of it."