Obama, Biden
Credit: Getty

Former President Barack Obama and his Vice President Joe Biden might just have had the cutest relationship in their White House (sorry, Michelle and Jill). From ice cream dates to golf outings and those always enthusiastic slaps on the back that inspired so many memes, the duo had an epic bromance that lasted throughout the eight years of their administration.

So how, now that they’ve moved out of the White House, has their relationship changed? According to Anita Decker Breckenridge, Obama’s chief of staff, their relationship is as strong as ever. “The bromance continues. It’s not ended,” she told People in the latest issue.

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“That’s one of the things I would say, you know … What does he miss about the White House? I mean, they had lunch every single week for eight years.”

Talk about relationship goals. Apparently, their first meeting after the inauguration was also in D.C.—at the Obamas’ new offices. “The vice president walked in and he and President Obama embraced and then immediately clicked back into the relationship they had working together,” former White House press aide Peter Velz told People. “It was really nice to see, just how warm the vice president’s reception was.”

We’d assume it probably looked something like this:

According to another source, they’ve been playing golf together, which is the ultimate sign of a thriving bromance.

Love isn’t dead, you guys.