Ellen - Obama - selfie
Credit: theellenshow/Instagram

Another day, another history-making moment for president Barack Obama. This time POTUS made his way into Ellen DeGeneres's record books on Thursday by becoming the first sitting president to make an in-studio appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

To commemorate the occasion, DeGeneres snapped a selfie with the president which she (naturally) posted to social media along with the caption "Selfie with the Chief. @BarackObama"

Obama actually made an in-studio appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2007 (before he was elected), and has appeared a few times on the show via Skype since taking office in 2009. The president was in a reflective mood during the interview, which airs Friday, about both his family life and career. As for how he's feeling about his oldest daughter Malia leaving for college this year, he confessed that it's hard.

"As Michelle reminds me, our job is to prepare them not to need us. And both my daughters are wonderful people, and Malia's more than ready to leave. But I'm not ready for her to leave."

"I was asked if I would speak at her graduation and I said 'absolutely not,' because I'm going to be sitting there with dark glasses, sobbing," he admitted. "Yeah, she's one of my best friends. And it's going to be hard for me not to have her around all the time. But she's ready to go. You can tell. She's just a really smart, capable person and she's ready to make her own way."

Watch the president discuss his daughters on Ellen in the above video.