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Certain trends come and go. Some make such an exit that we can't even believe they were ever once a thing. Let's be real ... would you dare to wear Spice Girls-style platform sneakers, a Juicy Couture velour sweat suit, or a Von Dutch trucker hat ever again? You might as well hang fuzzy dice from your car's rear-view mirror and swipe on Bonne Bell vanilla frosting lip-gloss. While we're sure the items mentioned above won't land on "what's hot now" lists anytime soon, there is one (sometimes frowned upon) item that seems to be resurfacing, and that is ... the bandana.

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The bandana-as-an-accessory thing was seen on an episode of Sex and the City. After an argument with her then-boyfriend Aiden after his dog Pete chewed up her beloved Manolos, Carrie Bradshaw discovers that Aiden uses Rogaine—all she while wears a rolled-up handkerchief on her upper arm. Bradshaw then takes off on a stroll with friend Miranda (above), bandana still securely intact. While the most memorable moment of the episode was undoubtedly the blowout fight and Bradshaw's discovery of Adian's hair supplement, the creative use of the scarf was just as monumental.

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But in recent months, it seems as though the handkerchief has resurfaced—perhaps this time around, they're on your Instagram feed. After a few scroll sessions on the time-sucking app, one may find fashion's biggest bloggers and style stars giving the look a go. First, The Man Repeller's Leandra Medine rocked a bandana around her ankle (above, left). Then, a photo of Arielle Noa Charnas of SomethingNavy wearing a neckerchief (above, right) surfaced.

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Even more recently, young Hollywood style stars tried out the bandana thing. Check out Vanessa Hudgens (above, left) wearing a navy blue printed version securely around her neck and Kiernan Shipka (above, right) working a loosely tied style.

So, is the bandana back? It sure does look that way. But how do you wear it? It's all about the way you roll, or rather, fold your fabric. Let's be blunt: This is not something that you can throw on and walk out the door. As laid-back as the accessory is, a lot of thought should go into trying tying it on. For an edgier take on the style, wear it around your wrist or ankle and go for an asymmetrical look by folding the handkerchief with crisp creases and perhaps tucking just one of the ends in. If you wish to wear it around your neck, it's even more important to fold it well (i.e., crisp!), as you don't want it to overwhelm your look. Just, whatever you do, please don't try to wear a bandana as a crop top (you know, folded in half corner to corner), promise?

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