By Claire Stern
Updated Feb 27, 2015 @ 12:30 pm
Banana Republic
Credit: Courtesy Photo

What do you do when all your friends start getting pregnant? If you're Marissa Webb, newly minted creative director of Banana Republic, you design a whole line of baby clothes that you'd want your future child's BFFs to wear. The 22-piece limited-edition capsule, available online now, includes seasonally appropriate apparel and accessories in myriad neutrals, with stripe and skull print details that ensure your little one will be the best dressed kid on the playground.

Cashmere hat, $58; Cashmere hoodie, $88, Ribbed pull-on pant, $28, Cashmere blanket; $198;“I wanted the collection to be not so traditional baby, but a little bit unexpected," Webb told InStyle of the uber-trendy designs. "If they came in my size, I'd wear them myself!” Prices range from $24 for a knit jumper to $198 for a cashmere blanket, that, let's face it, we'd be happy to call our own. Nab a piece (or two, or three) from Banana Republic Mini now at