Banana Republic & Mad Men Create Style Guides

Photo: Courtesy of Banana Republic; Frank W. Ockenfels/AMC

Just in time for Sunday's Season 4 premiere, Banana Republic is debuting their second set of Mad Men-inspired style guides, making it a piece of cake to channel your inner Joan or Betty (and help your boyfriend look as dapper as Don Draper). The guides, in stores today through August 11th, feature Banana Republic looks that can take you from the office to dinner and back again, all with that covetable '60s twist. "Banana Republic is known for its versatile fashions, with modern takes on the 1960s icons like the pencil skirt, cardigan and suit," Jack Calhoun, president of Banana Republic, said. In addition, Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant and Banana Republic Creative Director Simon Kneen will bring the guides to life on video blogs that you can watch on their Facebook page.

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