After debuting mugs and eye masks and even a bright blue Ikea-like bag of late, fashion house Balenciaga has debuted yet another head-scratching item—a Balenciaga shopping bag.

No, we don't mean a bag designed by Balenciaga that can hold a lot. We literally mean an accessory that looks like the paper bags that are typically used to carry out other merchandise.

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This bag isn't paper, though. It's 100% calfskin, and it has pockets and high-quality design just like a typical Balenciaga bag, it only looks different. But that's the beauty of Balenciaga's unconventional fashion point-of-view.

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Even though the bag is pretty cool, we do have a few questions. If you buy a Balenciaga shopping bag, do you get an actual Balenciaga shopping bag to put your purchase in? If you buy two, does that mean you'll walk away with four?

We may never know.