Don't Have a Hair Tie? Use Your iPhone Charger

Balenciaga Hair
Photo: Getty Images

For anyone who's experienced the tragedy of pulling their hair up with an elastic band, shoelace, ribbon, or pencil because they've lost their hair tie or broke (the horror!), Balenciaga has a very practical solution for you.

The next time you find yourself without a proper hair tie, simply pull your iPhone charger out of your wall, laptop, or bag, and wrap it around your ponytail, bun, or whatever other haphazard updo that requires minimal effort. At Balenciaga's Fall 2020 runway show on Mar. 1, hairstylist Holli Smith used the USB chords from iPhone chargers to tie up slicked-back ponytails. You can see the Genius Bar-approved hairstyles here.

Tying in the collection's end of the world show, the hair accessory is supposed to be a commentary on society's obsession with always being connected 24/7 with our phones.

According to Teen Vogue, Balenciaga creative director Demma Gvasalia confirmed that the hairstyle was an intentional move. "I just wanted something quite emotionally triggering and quite sad, and I thought about flood,” Gavasalia said following the show. “In general, the consequences of our lifestyle — flood is kind of a metaphoric thing.”

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Yes, when the apocalypse comes WiFi, not to mention, electricity might be obsolete, but at least our iPhone chargers won't be useless. So resourceful and sustainable!

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