Claire Stern
Jan 14, 2016 @ 10:45 am

Health-conscious dessert lovers around the world have proudly rallied behind Baked By Melissa, the N.Y.C. bakery known for its bite-size, under-50 calorie cupcakes. Now, devoted fans and wannabe French girls can revel in the fact that, starting today, they've expanded their menu to include mini macarons—a deliciously sweet (and equally compact) counterpart to their signature offering. "I've always loved macarons, and I've wanted to put my own spin on them for a long time," chief product officer Melissa Ben-Ishay tells InStyle.

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The double-stuffed meringue-based confections may be small in size (about 1-inch in diameter), but come equipped with a rich, creamy filling that packs enough sweetness to satisfy any sugar addict's afternoon craving. In terms of flavors, you have a choice between six: cookie dough, sugar cookie, red velvet, double chocolate, snickerdoodle, and salted caramel, with each one priced the same as the cupcakes ($1 for one, and $20 for a pack of 25). Oh, and did we mention they're 100-percent gluten-free? So really, it's OK to have a few... or seven.

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