Backstreet's Back, And They're Lending a Hand to Hurricane Sandy Victims

Backstreet Boys - Tyler Shields
Photo: Courtesy Tyler Shields (2)

As if the Backstreet Boys reunion wasn't enough of a reason to rock your body, the boys are also giving back to victims of Hurricane Sandy. The band collaborated with photographer Tyler Shields to create their back-to-pop-culture snaps, and the photos that came of it are now on full display at the Openhouse Mulberry Gallery in New York City with sales of the prints benefiting the Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund. "When A.J. hit me up and asked me to do the album cover, I said absolutely, as long as they're down to do something crazy," Shields told at a preview for the exhibit in New York City, where all five members were in attendance. The result? The group traded in their '90s-era image for sleek, modern get-ups, as seen in the photos here. If you're hoping to add a 2013 update to your old-school BSB poster wall, prints and museum-quality photos are available at now, with a select few signed by the boys and Tyler Shields. Proceeds will be donated to the Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund; visit to learn more.

Plus, see our favorite moments in BSB history.

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