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Summer's on its way out, which means one thing and one thing only: School is starting soon. Check one thing off your school-shopping to-do list with our assortment of the most stylish backpacks for kids. Picking out your kid's backpack is a biggie, think about it: You're going to be staring at this thing for the next 10 months, lugging it in and out of the car, and so on—but with our picks, like the J. Crew style above ($60,, you can't go wrong.

For Girls

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1. Gap, $40; 2. State Bags, $55; 3. J. Crew, $60; 4. West Beauty, $50; 5. Herschel Supply Co., $40;

For Boys

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1. SoYoung Mother, $42; 2. Hanna Andersson, $37; 3. Pottery Barn Kids, $40; 4. Target, $20; 5. Zara, $30;

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