By Mariah Smith
Updated Jul 02, 2018 @ 9:30 am
Bachelorette Wills profile
Credit: ABC

Subject: Wills Reid

Age: 29

Occupation: Designer, Photographer, Actor, Researcher, Improviser, Every “-er” in the world

If this season of The Bachelorette has taught us anything, it’s that where there’s a Wills, there’s a way. During the first half of this season, Wills was barely indistinguishable from the many suitors after Becca Kufrin’s heart, because until last week he hadn’t yet had a one-on-one date … or an infuriating past that made headlines. Wills Reid gradually made himself known though, one patterned suit and jacket at a time, finally earning that one-on-one date rose a few weeks ago. He also showed just how much someone can flex in a plaid suit and not look entirely ridiculous.

So for this week, it’s only right that I honor the man who got himself 10K Instagram followers in a week (the pic below was posted a little over a week ago, and he has more than doubled his following since!), with some special, deep dive treatment.

Now Wills could actually be the acting talent of our time, because even though his LinkedIn profile claims he’s simply a freelance graphic and web designer, a few scrolls down, Wills’s theatrical background is exposed. To start, this young man studied theater at the University of California, Davis for four years, earning himself a Bachelor of Arts. After graduating in 2013, Wills took some time away from the stage to explore more design gigs. But, three years later in 2016, he returned.

Wills enrolled at The Groundlings, the improv group that has produced the likes of Lisa Kudrow, Kathy Griffin, and Melissa McCarthy. It appears that Wills is still a performer, because he seems to keep up with the dates meticulously (Plus his profile still says “2016-Present.”) This explains how he was able to effortless pull off that “sup, baby?” to Chris last week.

Not to mention his more "expressive" looks.

Aside from his performance background, Wills knows how to create a headline. This gif master worked at TMZ for just under a year in 2016 and 2017. Literally, he couldn’t get deeper into the trenches of celebrity gossip and brand-building than if he joined forces with Harvey Levin and Kris Jenner themselves. And TMZ has his back. They featured him on their show, and Harvey mentioned that Wills isn’t the first TMZ staffer to vie for a rose, though he is the first to make it past night one.

Still, his motives likely aren't ulterior or fame-related, because he was cast on the show while out buying headphones during his lunch break. Something I’ve done numerous times, and I still haven’t been discovered.

Wills’s eclectic work background explains so much of his chosen website title: Wills of All Trades. I’d love some intel on whether or not someone told Wills that the popular “Jack of All Trades” saying ends with “and a Master of None.” Not necessarily the energy I’d want to put out in the world when it comes to my brand, but to each their own.

A clear creative, Wills has one mission: “to brainstorm, debate, analyze, sketch, communicate, and create, create, create.” Well, maybe that’s a few missions, but this part of his website’s bio says so much about how he follows any creative spark that captivates him until he can no longer find a meaning for it in his life. So, maybe this means the new creative spark he’s found in Bach Nation means he’ll follow this through Paradise, or even Winter Games.

In addition to being super creative, Wills is the millennial dream: a hot nerd. On his website he asks fans to contact him if they’d like to “debate Star Wars vs. Star Trek.” Remember the arm tattoo that shows his love for Harry Potter? Adorably geeky. On his Insta (which has “Gryffindor” in its bio, the HP thirst is real), he shows his bae side for us salivating fans. Even when Wills thinks he’s not hot, he is.

He’s like the unicorn of men! Somehow I believe that his self-deprecating humor is sincere. Even as sincere as that “baby” line he tossed Chris last week.

The rest of Wills’s sparse Instagram highlights photos from his travels years ago, and his budding friendships with Bach nation contestants, Jaimi King and Dominique Alexis from Nick Viall’s season.

Wills is in it to win it, and if it’s not Becca’s heart, surely he’ll win over America in no time. I mean, who doesn’t want to spend forever with a man who makes a jacket giggle look this cute?