Another season ofThe Bachelorette has come to a dramatic close, and Rachel Lindsay and her fiancé (spoiler alert: it's Bryan!) can finally go public with their relationship—and, you know, dish on their wedding plans. And from what we've been able to piece together so far, their impending nuptials are going to be anything but traditional.

Lindsay told USA Today that even though they won't be tying the knot this year, "sooner rather than later" is the plan.

The 32-year-old lawyer also revealed that she's not the type who has spent her entire life dreaming about every detail of her future wedding. "I've never been the girl to have the dream wedding," Lindsay told USA Today. "I can tell you my dream bachelorette party, but I cannot tell you my dream wedding."

What she does know, is that she will not be wearing a dress. "I personally wouldn't want to wear a dress. I'd like to wear a white tuxedo," she added.

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Yes, girl! We are totally here for a white tuxedo.