By Jane Asher
Feb 24, 2017 @ 12:15 pm

Rachel Lindsay just revealed exciting details about her experience on The Bachelor and her upcoming journey as the new Bachelorette. The attorney stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show to talk with the host for Friday's episode.

"I’m kind of shocked that I’m meeting you because I really thought that you and Nick were going to end up together," DeGeneres told her. "I was shocked too. I really thought that Nick and I had a strong connection," Lindsay admitted. It's been three months since Nick let her go on the show: "I was pretty heartbroken when it happened, but I’ve moved on since then."

"His loss," she added laughing. "You don't know who he picked either, or do you know," asked the host.

"Maybe," said Lindsay coyly.

DeGeneres, convinced that Lindsay does, in fact, know the big winner, was also pretty sure that the winner is Corinne. Lindsay, of course, kept tight-lipped but did let us in on her true feelings for the controversial contestant.

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"I love Corinne," she said. "Can I just put that out there? I love Corinne. Unfortunately, you only get to see some sides of Corinne, I got to see all sides of her living in the house with her ... She's great."

Ellen didn't seem totally convinced. "Well, we saw a lot of sides of her too," she said.

Watch the video above for the full interview, and to see whom Lindsay thinks gets that final rose and an engagement ring from Nick.