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The moment is finally here. Tonight, either Jordan or Robby will make all of the drama worthwhile and finally put on ring on it during the season finale of The Bachelorette.

While we’re pretty certain that JoJo will end up with a Neil Lane sparkler on her fourth finger (“I’m incredibly happy,” she told us), a bigger question still remains— what exactly will the ring look like? “For the last few years, I’ve thought a lot about the type of ring I’d want and I always go back and forth about the different cuts,” said Fletcher when we caught up with her earlier this season. “I always lean towards a more simple setting. Instead of multiple large stones, I love one big rock on a dainty, small band. Something timeless.”

When it comes to the ring selection process on the show, jeweler Neil Lane brings six to eight styles for the two men to choose from for their proposals. We won’t find out until tonight which ones they go with, but we did get a peek at some of the options that Jordan and Robby are considering in the season finale promo.

Jojo Bachelorette Ring 1 - Embed 2016
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Jojo Bachelorette Ring 7 - Embed 2016

It looks like Jordan is on the right track, when he examines a huge oval-shaped solitaire diamond (above). From what we can tell, it is big and bold, but with a thin band that’s in line with JoJo’s taste. In the teaser, we also get a glimpse at one of the styles that Robby is deciding between (below). Though the piece is stunning, it seems to have a multi-stone setting and more of a vintage-feel than the clean, modern ring that JoJo describes.

Jojo Bachelorette Ring 2 - Embed 2016
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Jojo Bachelorette Ring 6 - Embed 2016

On average, the Neil Lane diamond rings that the men choose from weigh in at about 3.5 carats and are set in platinum. Keep scrolling to get a closer look at three of the stunners that were in the running. And watch The Bachelorette at 8 p.m. ET on ABC to see which ring makes it on her finger. JoJo, you’re a lucky, lucky girl.

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