By Cheryl Brody Franklin
Updated Jul 17, 2012 @ 10:45 am
Emily Maynard
Credit: Courtesy of ABC and Shopbop

We’re asking Emily Maynard about her favorite outfit from each episode of The Bachelorette this season, and last night she only had one look, so she had to make it count. And did she ever! “Have you ever had that awkward run in with your ex and looked like a mess?” Maynard told (Been there!) “We all have, and I was for sure not going to let that happen to me at the ‘Men Tell All’ episode. The Bachelorette stylist, Cary Fetman, brought me a hot pink Hervé Léger bandage dress, which in a perfect world is exactly what all women are wearing when they see their ex, much less a room full of them!” Way to knock 'em dead, don't you think? (Similar versions are available to rent for $150 or less at Next week, we find out who she chooses—Jef or Arie. Tune into ABC Monday at 8/7c to find out, and tell us: Which one would you pick for Em?

Plus, see Emily’s other favorite looks!