By Cheryl Brody Franklin
Updated Jun 12, 2012 @ 2:30 pm
Emily Maynard, The Bachelorette
Credit: Courtesy Photo

We're asking Emily Maynard about her favorite outfit from each episode of The Bachelorette this season! This week, the sage green Randi Rahm A-line dress (worth $12,500) from her date with Sean to the Tower of London topped her list. "When in my normal, everyday life would I ever get to wear such a fancy dress?" Maynard told "I couldn't even entertain the idea of putting a coat over such a fabulous outfit, so instead I nearly froze to death. But on the bright side, I got to feel like royalty all night!" Maynard, who already admitted she loves anything with sequins, is now even more obsessed. "I'm now thinking I need to either start going to fancy parties more often just to have an excuse to wear dresses like that, or maybe just have all of Ricki's friends over for fancy tea parties on Friday nights." Tell us: Did you like her look?

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