The Bachelorette
Credit: Rick Rowell/ABC

Last night, Bachelorette Ashley Hebert greeted her 25 potential suitors in a $26,190 Randi Rahm gown that was beaded from top to bottom in Swarovski crystals. The 26-year-old dental student choose from three racks of dresses, but she didn't have any trouble deciding what to wear to make her first impression. "As soon as Ashley put on that gown, she said she had to wear it the first night," said Cary Fetman, the show's stylist. "It looked like the dress had been made on her!" The original gown had a square-cut neckline, but Fetman had a tailor transform it into a deep V. "It was a fantasy dresssomething only a princess could buy," Fetman said. "It looked like she was covered in diamonds!" Did you watch The Bachelorette premiere last night? Do you have a favorite bachelor yet for Ashley? Tell us in the comments below!