By Mariah Smith
Updated Aug 06, 2018 @ 5:15 pm
Becca Garrett Bachelorette
Credit: ABC

Tonight's the night: We’ve made it all the way to the season finale of one of the most drama-driven seasons of The Bachelorette. Offscreen alone, there was Garrett’s racism, Lincoln’s sexual assault conviction, and Tia’s romance with one of Becca’s men.

And yet Bachelorette Becca Kufrin has found love — twice over, in fact, with both Garrett Yrigoyen and Blake Horstmann, one of whom she’ll get engaged to in a few hours. I’m boldly and openly Team Blake; he’s the hottest guy in the franchise, he loves his sister, and homeboy knows how to dance. Plus, he’s not a bigot.

But it’s time to learn more about Garrett because even if I’m not smitten, Becca clearly is. And one way to learn a whole lot about him is to watch his wedding video. Garrett was previously married to a woman named Kayla Cunningham, and thanks to the Internet, you too can feel like you attended the 2015 Newcasle, Calif. ceremony. (The marriage ended just two months after the wedding.)

Here are the most important findings:

1) Garrett has a history with reality TV.

Garrett’s love for reality TV runs deep. He bonded with his ex-wife over their shared appreciation of Total Divas and Naked and Afraid. He even worked them into his vows. And suddenly, Garrett’s journey makes more sense.

2) His ex and Becca are twins.

This is important and weird and will give you the chills: Garrett’s ex-wife looks and Becca are identical. I mean identical. Watch the freaking video. I’ve know people who have a “type,” but this is eerie. I’m so shook, I’m looking into whether Barbra Steisand is cloning more than dogs.

Garrett Ex Wife
Credit: Youtube

3) Garrett's dance moves have improved only minorly.

In 2016, his go-to move was the lower-back/butt-graze grasp and side-to-side sway. Now, he’s graduated to spinning his lady ever so slightly off beat.

4) Garrett’s had a hair evolution.

In 2016, he rocked a full-on buzz cut, and I’m actually into it. He looks more distinguished — and distinguishable, although I’m sure he’s not always surrounded by two dozen men with the exact same haircut (minus Leo).

5) He thought he was ready then.

I feel sorry hearing that Garrett and Kayla’s marriage ended a mere two months after the wedding went down. He thought he was ready at the time, proclaiming, “I am ready for forever with you, and I cannot wait to get it started with the girl of my dreams” in his self-written vows.

6) He wrote his own vows.

Which brings me to … Garrett wrote his own vows. Which means we can probably expect another heartfelt original should he stand at the altar with Becca. I just hope he doesn’t reference the “private parts” of Naked and Afraid characters this time around.

7) Garrett’s all about that final rose.

Garrett wore a white rose on his lapel to his wedding. But even though roses (particularly red ones) played a large part in his love life, I can’t imagine he’d wear one to his next wedding.

VIDEO: Garrett Gives His Thoughts On Becca's Bachelorette Exes

8) There was a limo.

Garrett and Kayla departed from their wedding in a limo. Think that’s why Garrett rolled up in a minivan instead of a limo when he arrived on the set of The Bachelorette?

9) #WeddingHashtag

First time around, his was #YrigoyenWedding2015, and the décor seemed Pinterest-inspired, with leafy wreaths for flower girls, floral table arrangements in jars, and homemade chalkboard signs. Becca can come up with a punnier hashtag, that’s for sure. But tonight we’ll find out whether the two will be planning a fête of their own any time soon — and what kind of ceremony they’ll go for.