A Bachelorette contestant thought to be Becca Kufrin's front-runner "liked" Instagram posts containing off-color comments about LGBTQI people, Parkland shooting survivors, and illegal immigrants.

By Romy Oltuski
Updated May 29, 2018 @ 6:00 am
Becca Kufrin Bachelorette Dress
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The Bachelor Mansion is famously a no-Internet zone, which may be key to keeping the mystery alive in a romance (and among America's TV viewership). But one contestant on Becca Kufrin's freshly premiered season of The Bachelorette just proved that not being able to cyberstalk your dates has a major downside.

That contestant is Garrett Yrigoyen, whom Becca already claims to be "smitten by" in episode one. And why wouldn't she be? The stupid-handsome 29-year-old medical sales rep and self-described family man makes his entrance in a minivan filled with multicolored soccer balls and (umm?) diapers, gives her a sweet fly-fishing lesson in the mansion pool, and makes her laugh.

"I'm the luckiest guy in the world right now," he announces after sharing the first televised kiss of the season with Becca and being awarded the first-impression rose—which has historically been a good indicator of who will go the distance, former Bachelorettes JoJo Fletcher, Rachel Lindsay, and Kaitlyn Bristowe point out during a special visit in the premiere.

VIDEO: Bachelorette's Garrett Yrigoyen Under Fire for Allegedly Liking Hateful, Transphobic Memes

But while Garrett may make a charming first impression, his social media history reveals some unsavory personal views.

In a series of Tweets on May 24, former Bachelor contestant Ashley Spivey shared screenshots of Instagram posts that Garrett had "liked," containing off-color comments about LGBTQI people, Parkland shooting survivors, and illegal immigrant children. One accused Marjory Stoneman Douglas High student David Hogg of being a "crisis actor," while another jokes about physically throwing undocumented immigrant children over the border wall ("When a kid makes it over the wall and you have to throw him back").

"Can we do a better job of social media deep dives on the dudes that try out for #thebachelorette - FYI douchebags we can see your likes," Spivey tweeted along with the screenshots, originally brought to her attention by the Instagram account @iamwatchingyuuou, which has since been made private. Garrett's former Instagram account, @garrett_yrigs12, was made private and then deleted, replaced by a new account, @garrett.yrigoyen, but not before Spivey saw the controversial "likes" herself, she confirmed to InStyle.


It doesn't look like Garrett's luck runs out after the season premiere. TMZ recently reported that Becca and Garrett were spotted roaming his native Manteca, CA, which indicates that they went on a hometown date, an honor reserved for the final four contestants. TMZ also released a bombshell photograph of Becca kissing a man in the Maldives who is presumed to be her now-fiancé. Their status is unconfirmed, as is the identity of the man in the picture, though many have speculated that it's Garrett.

Of course, given The Bachelorette's social media blackout policy, we can gather that Becca didn't learn about Garrett's Instagram behavior until after their courtship had already taken place. That's some shocking information to stumble upon about your maybe-fiancé after your fans do.

And you thought Arie was the worst.