Becca Body Language
Credit: ABC

Last week, Bachelorette Becca Kufrin had a lot of tough calls to make. After a tearful (but not so surprising) goodbye to Colton Underwood, she and the final three took off to test their love in Thailand.

While tonight’s finale will ultimately confirm whom Becca will pick, there were a lot of hints in the past episodes. If you can’t wait for the suspense to be over, body language can be an effective tool. Facial expressions, body proxemics and even what a person is wearing can be instrumental in deciphering what they’re thinking. And, okay, maybe it’s nothing more than speculation, but it’s our best bet when left with too few words to overanalyze. Plus, body language is what led us to guess that Jason Tartick was getting the boot, even before Becca verbalized her feelings for him.

So now there are two: Blake Horstmann (I’m not complaining!) and Garrett Yrigoyen (ugh, right?). Rather than leave anything else up to chance, we asked body language expert and communications consultant Lillian Glass, Ph.D. to help us read Becca’s mind — by looking at her body.

Blake Horstmann and the Heavy Petting

At the beginning of last week’s episode, Becca said: “I’m in love with Blake, and I can’t imagine not having him in my life.” Fan favorite and Bachelorette eye candy Blake has been a frontrunner for a few weeks, and it doesn’t hurt that he and Becca share blazing chemistry. As soon as Becca sees Blake before their hiking date, she immediately flings herself on him, wrapping her legs around his waist and passionately kissing him. While on their way to a temple, Becca mentions they “can’t touch or kiss” beyond the “sacred threshold” insisting they “get it all out now.” Blake smiles reluctantly, and we see their bodies nudge one another repeatedly during their walk. “It just keeps getting better and better with you,” she Becca says, while taking in the view. Then, she leans into him and asks, “Should we get to dinner where we can actually kiss?"

It may seem like she’s made her choice. But let's take a closer look. Although Becca has made her physical attraction toward Blake pretty apparent, she has also tried to distance herself from him. During a pivotal scene in the show, before the fantasy suite date, as Blake and Becca discuss their previous relationships and what they want now, Blake gazes into Becca’s eyes telling her he doesn’t want to have his heart broken again. As he goes on to tell her he can’t ignore the connection she has with the “other guys,” she instantly looks away, keeping a blank expression on her face. While she’s still holding his hand, she isn’t holding his gaze anymore, with no hint of sympathy or any attempt to quell his anxieties. She’s showing emotional detachment from the conversation, Dr. Glass says — and, we can surmise, from him.

“When Blake is serious talking about core values and relationships, she would rudely bring up her past relationship. That’s her attempt to subconsciously disconnect from Blake,” explains Dr. Glass. “She tells him he has been very patient and puts her arms out, keeping him at bay. Even when she speaks of how good it is between them, she is monotonous, and it doesn’t sound believable.” In other words, there’s a lot of heat between them, but nothing emotional beyond it.

Perhaps the most telling moment was before the fantasy suite date, when Becca says that she has “never questioned where they’re at in the relationship,” all while brushing Blake’s arm. Blake reciprocates telling her he feels the same. Almost abruptly, her flirtatious smiles and gestures disappear as she looks away. Dr. Glass believes these little gestures are emblematic of her need to emotionally alienate herself from the conversation and from Blake.

According to Dr Glass, Blake’s obvious jealousy of Becca’s relationships with Ari and Garrett only makes the whole thing more “uncomfortable to watch."

“He is so awkward, insecure and serious when she brings up Ari; it is only turning her off," Dr. Glass says. "He says he’s afraid, and she simply says, ‘yeah.’ She doesn’t smile or reassure him.” Even while Blake brings up his feelings toward her, saying he's the kind of guy who looks for a “reason to stay," she simply grabs him and kisses him without saying a word. “There is no reaction from her. She just constantly plays with her hair, and touches him indicating nervousness and discomfort around him,” she says. “He admits she makes him nervous, and her ego relishes in that thought. It’s just really insensitive! She continues to talk about Ari even after they’ve just spent the night together, which visibly upsets Blake and reflects in his facial expressions.”

In short? The heat is on between these two, but it may just be some very hot mind games. Stay tuned for another heartbreak, it seems.

Garrett Yrigoyen, and Becca's Bashful Eyes

There’s a LOT of emphasis on “the future” throughout the show, and for Becca that is increasingly becoming about her relationship with Garrett. On several occasions during the final weeks, Becca mentions how she sees Garrett as a family man. When she visits his family, she seems at ease walking across his farm, riding on the tractor, and mentions how she could picture herself having kids with him. Fast forward to the past week in Thailand, while on their rafting date, Becca playfully wraps her legs around Garrett’s and tells him how great it was meeting his family. He says that meant a lot to him. Unlike with Blake, she continues to look at him, never once breaking eye contact and constantly holding a smile.

Dr. Glass believes there are many other signs that Becca has found her match in Garrett. Sitting down before their overnight date, she seems more comfortable talking about their future together. "She speaks more fluidly around him and seems at ease. She smiles more; she looks directly at him when he talks about his fears," explains Dr. Glass. When Garrett says she "took his breath away" the first time he saw her, she instantly lights up with a wide smile, coyly asking, “Did you expect that at all?” It’s almost as if she'd been longing to hear him say exactly that.

She continues to meet his gaze, and says she wouldn't “want to do this with anyone else.” Even when Garrett reveals his fear of being engaged, Becca looks more sympathetic than uncomfortable. When he says almost got “cold feet” coming on the show, she offers that maybe he was afraid of putting himself out there again.

"She looks down and smiles as she likes what she hears from Garrett," Dr. Glass says. "They laugh in unison and are in sync as they walk side-by-side. She is herself with him."

This is also evident in how eager she is to get Garrett to admit his feelings for her. Before their overnight date, Garrett tells her he hasn’t felt this happy in his entire life. In the morning, she says she could wake up next to him every day, then she smiles and kisses his shoulder. As she walks away after spending the night with him, she briefly looks back at him, flashes that familiar smile again, and throws him another kiss. "Kissing him on the shoulder, looking back just to throw him a kiss — these are some things she hasn't done with anyone on the show before. She is coy with him, lets him take charge and initiate the kisses. All these signs signal her clear interest," says Dr. Glass.

It seems Garrett, the known bigot and aggressive liker of transphobic, homophobic and misogynist Instagram posts, has captured Becca’s interest. The heart, it turns out, is a lot harder to understand than the body.