Bachelor Villains - LEAD
Credit: leahblock/Instagram

In an unlikely turn of events (or very likely depending on your belief in fate), it seems that the forces of evil have come together, joining in a Holy Trinity of Bachelor Villians, thanks to Season 20's Leah Block and Olivia Caridi, as well as Corinne Olympios, the girl with a nanny and potential narcolepsy, currently vying for Nick Viall's heart, on this season of The Bachelor.

The three villains took to Instagram on Monday to let everyone know they're plotting an evil plan together, because what else would a group of bad gals be doing with their free time, right?

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But first, a who's who refresher course:

Olivia Caridi was the 23-year-old news anchor with a very wide mouth who competed for Ben Higgin's engagement ring heart on Season 20 of The Bachelor. The girl dropped incredible grammatically incorrect one-liners like "I have my eye on the prize, and me and Ben are going to end up together," but was left stranded on an island after being eliminated after a two-on-one date.

Leah Block may be harder to call to mind, as her malice didn't quite show through until later in the season, on her very last episode. The contestant lied to Ben, telling him that his soon-to-be fiancée Lauren Bushnell had an inner mean streak and wasn't the girl Ben thought she was. Ben could clearly see straight through the lie and eliminated her on the spot. Plus, it was pretty clear he was going to pick Lauren from day one.

What could the three blondes possibly be talking about during their N.Y.C. adventure? Let's take a few educated guesses.

1. A Bachelor Villain Podcast about The Bachelor

Honestly, we'd be surprised if they haven't thought of this yet. Plenty of people would tune in to hear a group of b—es talk about other b—es, how do you think Mean Girls got so huge? Either way, this would definitely be a lucrative business idea for the girls and keep their names on the media circuit for at least a few more months.

2. How Many Hair Extensions Are Too Many Hair Extensions

Olivia would be the voice of reason here, as she ditched her own blonde extensions recently for a trendy bob haircut. Good for you, Olivia.

3. How to Get Chris Harrison to Give Them Their Own Show

Titled: "Villians Gotta Vill," guest starring Michelle Money, Courtney Robertson, Tierra LiCausi, and of course, Chad Johnson. Perhaps an evil version of Bachelor in Paradise, with plenty of cold cuts for Chad, and opportunities to get naked for Courtney and Corinne. Best. Show. Ever.

4. Chris Harrison in General

The guy is practically God in the Bachelor-verse, he would definitely come up in conversation more than once. "Ladies, this is the final rose. When you're ready, Nick."

5. The Best False Eyelash Brands

A signature staple of almost all Bachelor contestants, no one's eyelashes look that voluminous on their own. Too bad Ashley Iaconetti wasn't in the city for this one (although she's hardly a villain, Corinne would eat her alive).

6. How Many Nutrition Drinks You Can Possibly Have Before Getting Sick

The Bachelor-verse Instagram #ad of choice, which would, of course, segue into...

7. Who Makes the Most $$$ via Instagram #Ads

Because according to these girls, life is a competition, and they're not here to make friends.