By Lia Beck
Updated Jan 15, 2019 @ 11:30 am
Tracy Bachelor
Credit: ABC

There is an ongoing conversation on The Bachelor, the one about being there “for the right reasons” — that is, to fall in love and get married, despite the fact that statistically, the probability of marriage is pretty low. Part of that conversation ultimately turns to age, and whether or not someone is too young — or for that matter, too old — to be there for the “right reasons."

And on the second episode of Colton’s Bachelor season, an age battle broke out, primarily between 23-year-old robe enthusiast Demi and 31-year-old former offensive tweeter Tracy. Demi thinks that it was “brave” for Tracy to admit she’s “older.” Tracy referred to Demi as “literally a child.”

On a completely unrelated note, neither of these women is going to make it to the finale. Just saying.

But while the drama was between those two (and more on that later), the moment that really got people talking branched off of their age topic. During a conversation with Colton, Elyse, also 31, told him that the “27s and up” in the house call themselves “the cougar den.”

And with that, a million eyerolls were born.

The rest of their conversation involved Elyse explaining, like a reasonable person, that she believes someone in their early 20s can be mature just like someone in their 30s — it’s simply a matter of life experience. In no reasonable world are women between the ages of 27 and 31 “cougars,” but such is life on The Bachelor, where the women are in constant competition for a man who is a tender 26 years old.

And thus, the episode unfolded. Demi, likely feeling relatively victimized, made sure to mention that “the cougar attacks are not getting to me at all.” She also acted condescendingly towards Tracy, who she clearly sees as a 60-year-old schoolmarm from the 1800s (again, Tracy is 31 years old). However, Tracy served some of that condescension right back, calling Demi a “child” repeatedly and saying, “I’m the oldest person in this house … I know that I’m ready to be very serious with someone.”

Of course, these situations are nothing new to The Bachelor. Last season, Tia Booth wanted Bekah Martinez off of Arie Luyendyk’s season for no other reason than the fact she was 22. On Nick Viall’s season the year before, Corinne Olympios, 24 at the time, faced similar comments about maturity.

But for this season, at least for now, age ain’t nothing but a number. Demi and Tracy both got roses, and I would bet one of Neil Lane’s rings that one of them is going to go to Colton at some point to file a complaint about the other. As for Elyse, that 31-year-old, uh, cougar, might actually have final four potential.

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