Who says golf isn't a contact sport?


Just one day before the women of The Bachelorwere set to arrive in Costa Rica for the new season,People reports that Peter Weber, the pilot behind this season's romance, hurt himself during a golf outing and needed to be rushed to the hospital. The magazine notes that Weber had to undergo emergency surgery and had 22 stitches in his face.

Radar Online notes that Weber was trying to get onto a golf cart when he lost his balance and fell and landed on the cocktail glasses he had in his hands.

"He went to step on the cart but fell and split his face open on two cocktail glasses he was carrying," a source told Radar Online. The nearest hospital was two hours away and an additional source notes that Weber is in good spirits. "He is pulling through," the source said.

Peter Weber ABC's The Bachelor
Credit: Ed Herrera/Getty Images

Us Weekly adds that the two-hour journey was to meet with a doctor that specialized in Weber's injuries. A source told Us, "The reason he traveled for two hours to a hospital was that this specific hospital had a surgeon that specialized in his injuries. He underwent surgery."

Because they hadn't arrived at the exotic filming location just yet, none of this season's hopefuls were present during Weber's tumble.

Filming on the latest season of the Bachelor started back in September and according to Entertainment Tonight, everything is carrying on as planned.

"He got a cut on his head," host Chris Harrison said in a statement. "He did get stitches but he's 100% OK and production is already back underway."

"He's still the dashing, handsome pilot we've all dreamed of," added Harrison.

Weber's made headlines before. During his appearance on Hannah B.'s season of The Bachelorette, he reportedly had sex with her in a windmill during their trip to the Fantasy Suite. A woman named Calee Lutes also came forward, saying that she and Weber had been dating when went on the show. He denied the accusations, saying, "There was a lot of truth to what she said in her story, but there is also a lot of truth that wasn't mentioned. The show had absolutely nothing to do with me ending that relationship."