On Monday night, Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay walked away from the season finale with a new fiancé and Neil Lane diamond ring to match—and an emotional Bachelor Nation is not happy with her choice.

During the dramatic three-hour roller coaster of an episode, viewers saw Eric, Peter, and Bryan battle it out for Rachel's heart. While Eric left first with one of the classiest breakup speeches we've ever heard, the pressure was on, as the reality star struggled to choose between mama's boy Bryan and fan pick Peter.

However, things started looking less than positive for our favorite gap-toothed contestant when he admitted once again that he still wasn't ready to propose to Rachel but saw a future with her—which, you know, makes complete sense in the non-Bachelorette world when you've only been dating for two months—and a seemingly heartbroken Rachel decided to ride off into the sunset with Bryan.

Though Rachel may have found her happily ever after, Bachelor Nation was quick to take to social media to express their disappointment when we saw Bryan, not Peter, get out of the limo in the end to propose to his bride.

Check out how crushed viewers reacted to Rachel's whirlwind journey to love on social media below—even actress Sarah Hyland hopped on the Peter bandwagon.