By Christopher Luu
Updated Aug 13, 2018 @ 9:00 pm

Bachelor Nation is still waiting for an official announcement from ABC in regards to who's going the take the mantle of Bachelor next (though we've got some ideas), but it looks like anyone tuning into Bachelor in Paradise could be getting a preview. Everyone's favorite summer guilty pleasure isn't usually a place to get clues about the Bachelor canon, but it looks like this season, things may be a little different. According to Twitter, die-hard fans think there's a bit of a conspiracy going on. No, Chris Harrison isn't a reptilian alien in a human suit, viewers think that BiP could be a way for producers to see if Colton could be next year's Bachelor.

Credit: ABC/Paul Hebert

During tonight's episode, it was clear that Colton was getting a little bit of extra screen time. Plus, the bigwigs behind BiP pulled out a real twist. Viewers have already been treated to the beginnings of something between Colton and Tia, so, of course, Becca came out of nowhere just to add a bit of drama to the fray. There's nothing like a little love triangle to get emotions running high, after all.

Fans took notice, pointing out that this new love triangle gave viewers a chance to see Colton get emotional, peek into what he would do if he was put in a position of being on a date with more than one woman, and see exactly how he acts under high-stress situations.

Fans might remember what happened between Dean and Kristina last time on Paradise. Much like that duo, Tia and Colton are getting more than their fair share of time on camera, which makes other fans less than enthused. So, it's clear that Bachelor Nation is split. Some are living for the Colton drama and what it could mean for the future of the franchise and others are tired of seeing the same storyline recycled all over again.

If producers still looking for their big star, it looks like Colton wouldn't be a bad choice. Splitting the fans will make for plenty of discussions online and undoubtedly get half of the show's fan base to hate-watch the upcoming season. Colton's already proven to be something of a polarizing option, which means he's probably got a great chance of being the one handing out roses next year. Eagle-eyed viewers will have to keep tabs on what happens with Colton and Tia — and Becca. If he manages to find love out here, he'll be out of the running and Bachelor fans will be back to guessing.