Cassie Bachelor
Credit: ABC

On March 11, during part one of the two-part Bachelor season 23 finale, we'll finally approach the end of Colton Underwood’s journey to find love. After an extremely virginal and incredibly horny season, Colton’s heart has finally been won. The only thing is, the woman’s heart he wants doesn't seem to reciprocate this feeling.

We saw the story begin to unfold last week when Colton poured his heart out to Cassie Randolph on their fantasy suite date. After Colton told a shocked Cassie that her father didn’t give his blessing to propose to Cassie, their date swiftly became the beginning of the end. Cassie left the scene, and Colton, overcome with emotion, hopped over a fence.

But — because there's always a but — as we’ve learned as citizens of Bachelor Nation, there’s always another surprise around the corner. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD.

If Reality Steve is continued to be trusted as an inside source, this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Colton and Cassie’s love story. He reportedly “chases her” to California where he professes his love to her her again and now the two are dating.

So, to prepare ourselves for the woman whose face will probably soon be on the cover of People, let’s take a look at who Cassie really is. What’s been obvious from at least her hometown date, Cassie’s family is the most important thing in life, second only to God. So important that her father flew to Portugal from their Huntington Beach, California home to further push Cassie’s emotional needle towards leaving Colton high and dry.

This isn’t to say that Cassie’s family, or even just her dad, are the only reasons why she dumped Colton. As you may know, while The Bachelor has aired, so has another reality show Cassie stars in. The show, Young Once, chronicles the youthful love between a ‘diverse’ group of Christians in Southern California. This is Cassie’s second season on the show, it it largely focuses on her building a friendship with her ex-boyfriend. In Cassie’s last interview for the show, which she filmed just days before she left to film The Bachelor, she told producers, “I do want to get married, I could meet the right person tomorrow or in a year. I’m looking for someone who is very independent, funny, loves family…someone I’m excited to see every day.”

Colton ticks all of those boxes, except perhaps the bit where she’s excited to see him everyday.

In that very same interview, Cassie seemed to foreshadow her and Colton’s demise, “Is there one person out there for you? I don’t think that. There are many great people out there, but be picky, don’t settle, don’t rush. There could be many Christians out there that I could potentially be with.” This, of course, brings us to another question: why would Cassie come on the one show where finding love is completely rushed, and you’re forced to settle for the person a production team chooses for you?

Like many who sign up for this show, it’s okay for Cassie to have thought she wouldn’t make it this far in the competition — she may have even assumed that her time on The Bachelor would be short, considering she’s smack dab in the middle of grad school. Set to graduate in 2020 from her speech pathology program, Cassie took a leap that she may have not thought would lead her to the final. And of course, not one person goes on this sort of reality show just for love. Fleeting fame always has to have something to do with it.

No matter how things turn out between Colton and Cassie, there’s no chance that she’ll be alone in the end. With her tight family and her especially tight bond with her actress sister Michelle (who's dating actor Gregg Sulkin) Cassie is bound to make the best choice for herself and viewers. I mean, she got the man to jump a fence...what else can she get him to do?