By Olivia Bahou
Updated Mar 07, 2018 @ 11:00 am

To say that Bachelor fans aren’t happy with Arie Luyendyk Jr. is an understatement. Monday night’s season finale came down to two women. Arie sent Lauren home and proposed to fan-favorite Becca—only to break up with his new fiancé a few weeks later in front of a camera crew. He told her he had unfinished business with the runner-up and wanted to pursue a relationship with his ex.

Becca was devastated, and the nation was furious. Not only did Arie break her heart, but he had the audacity to film it for national TV—and try to pass the blame onto her. He told Becca that it was her fault for encouraging him to get closure from Lauren, which led to him to rekindle a romance with his ex. Gross, right?

Credit: Paul Hebert/ABC via Getty Images

Predictably, Bachelor nation sided with Becca, and before long, billboards began to pop up in her home state of Minnesota as well as in L.A. in protest of Arie. “Arie … not okay. Just leave,” the billboards say. (Perhaps they took a cue from the Oscar-nominated movie?)

To make it even clearer that Minnesota has Becca’s back, state representative Drew Christensen tweeted, “If this gets a thousand retweets I’ll author a bill banning Arie from Minnesota.” The message has 11 thousand retweets and counting, which led him to reply, "Drafting the bill now! Should I invite Becca to be my guest at Minnesota’s State of the State Address next week?"

His message though wasn’t without backlash. Many voters called on Christensen to focus on legislation on gun control rather than reality TV shows. “Your interest in The Bachelor is greater than protecting lives. Too bad you were not so quick to draft a gun control bill,” one Twitter user wrote.

To add to the burn of the breakup, Arie then proposed to his runner-up Lauren on After the Final Rose Tuesday night—in front of his ex Becca. He posted a photo on Instagram, and the comments were predictably flooded with hate. “Shouldn’t have proposed in front of Becca,” one fan wrote. “Hope this engagement lasts longer,” another quipped.

Luckily, Becca is doing just fine for herself. After Monday night’s finale aired, fans began sending her money on Venmo to buy herself a drink—and it’s amounted to more than $6,000. The ever-benevolent star said she’s going to give the money to those in need.

“I mean I love my wine, but I don’t think I can drink that much,” she joked on Tuesday’s show. “Donate it! Give it to some cause that needs it.”

Plus, Becca isn’t going to have much downtime in the weeks ahead. The fan favorite was announced as the next Bachelorette, and her season started Tuesday night on ABC, when she met some of her first contestants.

Safe to say this season could get some of ABC’s best ratings yet.