The Bachelor Episode 2: Emily Maynard's Favorite Looks

Bachelor Fashion recap: Emily Maynard
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Watching Sean Lowe’s season of The Bachelor is going to be extra fun, as we're asking one of our favorite fashionable Bachelorettes, Emily Maynard (Lowe came in third on Emily's season), to tell us which of the contestants had the prettiest outfits each week. "I always look forward to the second episode the most because that's when we really get a sense of not only the girls's personalities, but also their personal style," Maynard told "I remember when I was on the show, all of us girls were so much more comfortable in front of the cameras at this point, and we were glad to have the pressure of the first night off of us!" Click through the gallery to see which outfits Emily loved most, and then check back every Tuesday to see her favorite looks from each episode!

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