How the Sex of Baby Sussex Will Affect Its Royal Future

It's a boy!

You'd be fair to call us obsessed when it comes to Baby Sussex and hisfamous parents. We wanted to know the basics, right away, of course, (Name? Gender? Red head status?), but because this baby shares the blood of Queen Elizabeth, there were a couple extra special questions we demanded to know, included but not limited to: What's his title? Where will he one day rule?

The most crucial, both to the British people and to us American voyeurs? Where does the baby fall in the line of succession to the British throne, and wouldit have been differentif Baby Sussex was a girl?

The answers? The baby is 7th in line for the throne and no, that wouldn't have changed if he was a girl.

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Visit Edinburgh
Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Thanks to a decision made by the commonwealth a few years back, the line of succession would not have been altered even if Harry and Meghan had welcomed a little girl. In 2013, before the birth of Prince William's first child, Prince George, the leaders of the commonwealth were like, "hold up, the baby's gender should not interfere with the line of succession" (well, it may have sounded a bit more posh when they said it), and they passed the Succession to the Crown Act, thus doing away with male preference. Though she was still toiling away on Suits at the time, we're sure feminist mama Meghan Markle was out there like, "yes!"

Sadly, it was too little too late for Princess Anne, sister of Prince Charles, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward, and the Queen's second-born. Though she is older (and therefore wiser, we assume) than her little bros, she falls below them in the line of succession.

None of that matters too much, though, since Baby Sussex is ahead of Andrew, Edward and Anne. The royal bundle of joy falls just behind Harry, who is sixth, in line for the throne.

As for how the baby's sex will affect the title? Harry’s dukedom can only be passed on to a male heir, but any future children can take on Meghan and Harry's secondary peerages, like:Earl/Countess of Dumbarton (as Meghan and Harry are known in Scotland) or Baron/Baroness Kilkeel (their titles in Ireland).

One thing that's for sure? This child is already so much more powerful than the rest of us.

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