kim kardashian
Credit: Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

If Kim Kardashian was born in 2015, her name would be Jillian (though in 1990, her name would be the more brand-appropriate Krysta Kardashian).

If our favorite high-wattage star couple were born today, they would be named Kaleb Pitt and Joanne Jolie. If they were born in 1920, they'd bear the very dapper moniker of Wilmer Pitt and Artie Jolie.

How do we know all this? No, it isn't access to a flux capacitor—it's an attention-diverting gizmo that we've been playing with for hours.

Our colleagues at have created an interactive tool that let's you see what your name would be if you were born in every decade from now, back to 1890. Enter in your first name, the year you were born, and your gender. Then, the tool combs through a mountain of baby name popularity data and instantly spits out your time-traveling moniker. Visit their site now for a procrastination break and see what your alternate universe names are.

Want more proof that this name generator is the most fun ever? Here are some of our recent cover girls and what their names would be if they were born in 2015.

Eva Kaling

June, Mindy Kaling
Credit: Bjarne Jonasson

For her first-ever appearance as an InStyle cover girl, Kaling wore a navy Michael Kors dress with floral accents. We fell hard for the hilarious actress-author-producer (talk about a triple threat!) after she spilled candid details about her life, career, and occasional splurges. "After Season 1 of The Mindy Project, I bought myself a men’s Rolex," Kaling says, "just because it made me feel a little gangster." That she is.

Bjarne Jonasson

Aubrie Winslet

InStyle April 2015 Cover Kate Winslet
Credit: Giampaolo Sgura

When the Oscar winner appeared on our April cover (wearing a bright orange top by Ralph Lauren Collection), she had a new baby, a new husband, and a slew of new roles, including Insurgent and A Little Chaos, to be excited about. Inside, she dished about motherhood, friendship, and the secret to her success. "Never, ever take it for granted," Winslet told us. "You can never stop learning. You need to keep pushing yourself, keep trying to get better at what you do, even if it scares you."

Giampaolo Sgura

Callie Washington

March 2015 Cover Kerry Washington

The new mom and Scandal star appeared on our March 2015 cover wearing pastel Salvatore Ferragamo, signaling the return of spring. Inside, Washington talked about her hit show, her brand-new baby daughter, and the rise of feminism. "The world is shifting," she told us. "It's no longer about powerful men and the women behind them. It's about powerful people, men and women both."

Sophia Aniston

Jenifer Aniston February 2015 InStyle Cover
For her sixth appearance on InStyle's cover, a glowing Aniston wore a red dress by Valentino, earrings by Neil Lane, and a cuff by H. Stern. Inside the magazine, the 46-year-old star confessed that her 40s were her best years yet. "It may be harder to shed those extra pounds," she shared, "but all of this stuff (she circles her head with her fingers) is fabulous. Just thinking about the girl I was at 20-something or even 30-something-there were so many questions, so many worries, so much wasted brain space on things that really don't matter."

Isabella Chastain

January, Jessica Chastain; 2015 Covers
The Oscar-nominated actress had two new films in theaters when she appeared on our January cover: Interstellar and A Most Violent Year. Wearing a vibrant top and trousers by Celine (with a necklace by Chloe and bracelets by Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane, Tiffany & Co., and Vita Fede), Chastain told us how she values playing substantial, interesting women: "As an audience member I go to the movies a lot, and I want to see women portrayed like the ones I know-women who are really intelligent and strong and vulnerable," she said. "I'm not interested in playing a stereotype."

Harmony Grande

InStyle Covers - December 2014, Ariana Grande
The former Nickelodeon star had recently debuted her sophmore album, My Everything, when she appeared wearing Lanvin on our cover. From Saturday Night Live to an after-hours nightclub, we stayed up all night with Grande and peeked behind her cat ears.