By InStyle Staff
Updated Aug 05, 2017 @ 5:15 pm

When in Rome!

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s adorable daughter Luna continued her reign of cuteness this weekend during the family’s trip to Italy (they’re actually in Venice), taking in the sights and enjoying some local cuisine.

Legend shared a snap of Luna chowing down on some delicious- (if messy) looking pasta at a restaurant, captioning it cleverly “Lil’ penne.”

We’re right there with you Luna.

Mom Teigen recently spoke to People about Luna’s eating habits. “It’s hard sometimes because you want to find balance and there’s organic this, organic everything,” she said. “She loves French fries, like, she’s a kid. I don’t want to deprive her. I don’t want her to not be able to eat French fries or not be able to enjoy a piece of candy. Everything is in balance.”

She’s also recently discovered the wonderful world of sauces (hello, Italy!) and is developing more exacting standards when it comes to jazzing up her meals.

“She’s just kind of learning about sauces so now with her French fries she looks around and knows there’s ketchup somewhere,” Teigen says. “I’m like, ‘You used to eat your French fries plain!’ Now she needs condiments.”

But we digress. Teigen has also taken to the ‘gram to share envy-inducing posts from the family’s Italian getaway, including one of Luna “Making friends in Venice!” and various shots of her incredible green pajama-esque jumper and turban ensemble. Legend, meanwhile, posted a sweet photo of himself and his wife glammed up for an excursion without Luna—date night!

Between the pasta the pajamas, and the parents' time, this is one vacation we can really get behind.