This Adorable Video of Babies Competing in the Olympics Will Make Your Day

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Times are hard—Girls just ended, Ben and Jen officially filed for divorce, and, you know, some other things are going on…

Our point: we could all use as much TLC (the girl group and the acronym) as possible these days. So we say, make that box of mac and cheese, eat that slice of cheesecake, watch Friends for the 29th time, do whatever it takes to bring yourself back to center.

Our vote? Overdose on cuteness. This video (above) of babies competing in the “Baby Games”—a toddler-style Olympics—is just what your week needed, TRUST.

Who will go for gold? With events like “The Ten Meter Toddle” displaying the athletic talent of adorably uniformed babies, we’re all winners here. (Still, go Team USA.)

Take a moment out of your stressful day to enjoy this delightful video.

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You’re welcome.

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